4 years ago

Sweet Frozen Treats to Try

Gelato and sorbetto pairings with your favourite adult drinks? Why not? We’re sweet on Allison Markin’s Uno Gelato recommendations in her recent Okanagan Taste column of Castanet…

“Salted Caramel: inspired by dulce de leche, the condensed milk cooked for 48 hours, with sea salt and homemade caramel, and chicory root will almost convince your taste buds that you are scooping frozen, sweet butter from the container. You could turn some of this into a caramel bourbon milkshake.

Midnight Chocolate Sorbetto: it’s vegan. You won’t believe it’s vegan. You’ll think that somehow, a deep, dark chocolate brownie has been transformed into a frozen indulgence. It’s also gluten free. It can be a challenge to pair dark chocolate, but try something fruity with mangoes, cherries, or maybe pineapple.

Yuzu Lemon Sorbetto: yuzu lemons are a rare citrus from Japan and have a highly aromatic rind and a flavour that melds together lime, lemon, and grapefruit notes. It’s so fragrant that pulling back the lid your nose picks up citrus notes. Refreshing. Make yourself a gin and tonic with a fragrant gin and loads of fresh lemon.”

Okanagan Taste - Castanet

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