Flavours and options

Our flavours change with the season and the morning harvest, drop by or call us to see what we have today. And remember we ONLY make fresh and will sell out at times, but of course we are making a fresh batch in the morning.


500ML Pints available.

Gelato -- Always Featured Flavours

Sorbetto -- Always Featured (Vegan)

In addition to the regular featured flavours above, we offer a host of limited edition flavours that change with the season. A sampling of the gelatos include: Bacio, Bailey’s Irish Coffee, Bailey’s Ruby Red Velvet Cupcake, Bailey’s Shamrock, Banana Bread, Blueberry, Buffalo Milk, Canadian Maple Hazelnut, Candy Cane, Caffe Strano, Chocolate Banana, Chocolate Cherry, Chocolate Grand Marnier, Chocolate Nutella, Chocolate Scotch, Delizosa Fragola, Earl Grey & Lavender, Easter Mini Eggs, Fior di Latte, Fior di Latte with Brownie & Burnt Caramel, Gingerbread, Honey Shine Rum Raisin, Indonesian Vanilla, Maple Praline Almond, Matcha Made in Heaven, Milano White Coffee, Pumpkin Pecan Bread, Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake, Roasted Black Sesame, Roasted Pistachio, Ruby, Rum Raisin, Stracciatella, Salted Pecan, Tahitian Vanilla, Tahitian Vanilla with Roasted Pistachio, Thai Coconut, Tiramisu, Torrone, Walnut Dark Chcolate, and Zabaione. 

A sampling of our seasonal sorbettos include: Amarena Dark Chocolate, Apple Kiwi, Apple Pear, Black & Blue, Blood Orange, Coconut, Dreamsicle, Frutti di Bosco, Guava, Kiwi, Lemon, Mandarin, Peach, Pineapple, Raspberry and Strawberry Lime.

Available exclusively at select Artigiano cafes: Artigano White Coffee and Artigiano Chai Latte gelatos.

 Check our blog or social feeds for when these limited edition flavours are available!

Gelato + Organic Milk

= Milkshakes in Kitsilano & Vancouver Convention Centre

Our modernized version of the classic milkshake will have you dreaming of the ice cream parlours of your childhood. Though better – our custom 12oz milkshakes are made-to-order and include 2 delectable scoops of gelato along with homemade whipped cream.

Or indulge in a vegan version with our famous Midnight Chocolate sorbetto with almond milk!

Cold Milkshakes with Gelato
National Gelato for Breakfast Day

Hot Beverages

Affogato in Kitsilano

Warm up a cool afternoon or evening with one of our Italian inspired drinks. We now offer a selection of specialty coffees and other hot beverages at our flagship Kitsilano store. The pièce de résistance being Affogato (one scoop of our gelato and one-shot of espresso). Bellisima!


Uno Gelato our people & our ingredients

The Uno Gelato experience is built on two key pillars—our people, and our ingredients. The greatest people in the world cannot make great gelato without great ingredients. 

Farm fresh, seasonal, locally grown, and organic are the hallmarks of our ingredients. Avalon Dairy, Krause Berry Farms and Vancouver Island Sea Salt are examples of the exquisite local suppliers we partner with to ensure the very best possible gelato outcomes. We are proud of these relationships and believe that they are a significant part of the experience that you expect from Uno Gelato.

The flavours we offer are bound only by the creative boundaries of our team, and the daily availability of the very best ingredients. Just because an ingredient is available doesn’t mean that it meets Uno Gelato standards. The daily menu is driven by the best ingredients available.

Blueberry antioxidant organic superfood in a bowl on a rustic table concept for healthy eating and nutrition
Strawberry in bowl on wooden table. Copy space
Andrés Bermudez - Our Maestro
Uno Favicon

Our Maestro

Our Maestro Gelatiere, Andrés Bermudez, is of Italian/Spanish descent and grew up hearing about gelato, though sadly never had the opportunity to taste it. (Where they lived in Colombia there was unfortunately no gelato only ice cream)! It wasn’t until he was a college student in Miami, that he had the chance to try his first delicious scoop. 

He was blown away by the difference from ice cream and understood what his Italian bisnonna had been talking about — gelato’s incredible creaminess, richness of flavours and freshness is so markedly different from ice cream. From then on he was hooked and was fortunate to have a friend that owned 3 gelato stores in Miami. He mentored under their Italian trained Maestro and eventually took over. After finishing school he moved to Canada where it was a natural for him to search out a similar opportunity, first with Bella Gelateria and now fortunately for us. In the fall of 2020 he completed his Advanced Gelato certificate from the renowned Gelato University Carpigiani, in Bologna, Italy. At Uno Gelato, Andrés works closely with our team to handcraft gelato that makes his famiglia and us proud.

Our Suppliers

Helping us bring fresh products to you
Krause Berry Famrs and Estate Winery
Vancouver Island Salt Co


In addition to sourcing local wherever possible, we limit our packaging use as much as is possible with a frozen, perishable product. In-store for sampling we offer metal spoons, and we supply biodegradable spoons for takeout. 

For containers, customers have the option of a waffle cone (gluten free available) or in a 100% recyclable paper cup container. 

Our pint packaging is in 100% recyclable paper pint cartons that are coated with a plant based bio resin polyethylene – made from renewable sugarcane. 

The paper itself is SFI custody chain certified from responsibly managed forests. (Unlike traditional ice cream cartons, which are made from non-recyclable polyethylene plastic based coated paper).