2 years ago

New Fashioned Chocolate for a New Year

Italians celebrate New Year’s Eve, or Capodanno, with a cenone (big feast). This celebratory meal features several courses and lasts for many hours and at midnight they eat special chocolate coins for good luck in bringing a positive year in the matters of money and  success.  We’ve adapted this tradition, celebrating with our gourmet chocolate gelato. What better way to welcome a fresh new year than with our freshly churned New Fashioned Chocolate Gelato? 

Our gelato version of the classic “Fudgsicle” brings back memories of chasing down the ice cream truck as a kid. New Fashioned Chocolate is a grown up intepretation of this classic frozen treat made with natural cocoa 20-22% cocoa butter by gourmet chocolatier Scharffen Berger, (non-alkalized which allows the true, rich cocoa flavour to come through). We’ve added local Avalon Dairy organic milk and cream along with a dollop of Quebec maple syrup for added sweetness. Enjoyable for people of all ages, Felice Anno Nuovo!

chocolate gelato

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