3 years ago

Maple Praline Almond — A Laid Back Gelato

What could be more Laid Back than our new Maple Praline Almond gelato? This wholesome indulgence is crafted with maple praline almonds from healthy food purveyor Laid Back Snacks, owned by a local Vancouver family, Neil Thomson and Ryley Humphry. We’re thrilled to partner with this great local company, who embrace an 80/20 nutritional philosophy: 80% whole grown goodness, 20% earned indulgence as a reward for making smart decisions. Plus a portion of all their proceeds also supports feeding Canadian children in need through Breakfast Club of Canada.

We’ve blended this delicious snack with fresh Fraser Valley organic milk and cream from Avalon Dairy, a touch of organic cane sugar, and Sea Salt from Vancouver Island — it is our west coast way to relax. Fill a cup, cone, or pint, chill out and enjoy!

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Uno Gelato - Laid Back

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