4 years ago

Hazelnut Harvest

Round was she, beautiful and of noble aspect…” Inspired by Dante, our nocciola gelato is crafted with locally roasted hazelnuts from Italy, along with BC cream and organic milk from the happy Avalon Dairy cows, and a dash of Vancouver Island Sea Salt. Poetic. Epic. Divine!

Prized for being both delicious and nutritious, hazelnuts are a sustainable, perennial crop, that are a great source of phosphorus, potassium and Vitamin B1. Italy is the second largest producer of hazelnuts globally, with festivals held in Italy from August through October to celebrate the harvest.

Interestingly, coinciding with our Thanksgiving weekend the annual Sagre in Campania was due to be held to celebrate the local harvest of hazelnuts, chestnuts and porcini mushrooms. Although the festivities in the charming Campania town of Avella (named for the hazelnut) have been postponed until next year, you can celebrate at home with our divine hazelnut gelato, pickup a pint or two or order some with free delivery in Vancouver…

Uno Gelato - hazelnut - for web

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