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A Joyeux Noël With Chocolate Grand Marnier Gelato

December 8th is the start of the Christmas season in many parts of Europe. In Italy for the L’Immacolata Concezione families enjoy a public holiday, gather for a feast and experience a day filled with parades, music and street entertainment. In Lyon, France it’s the peak of the Fête des Lumières marked by an abundance of light-related activities, with candle lit homes, landmarks illuminated in different colours and light shows across the city. Although many public festivities are unfortunately not possible this year, you can still celebrate in a Grand style with our new Chocolate Grand Marnier gelato.

Always in season, although available only for a limited time, our Chocolate Grand Marnier gelato is an extraordinary alchemy of sophistication. Crafted with Grand Marnier, 100% Dutch Cocoa by Belgium chocolaterie Callebaut, and Avalon Dairy organic milk and cream from the Fraser Valley, we cannot imagine a grander blend of rich ingredients. Live Grand and order a couple pints for yourself or gift a loved one, we offer free delivery in most of the GVRD up to and including Christmas Eve!

Uno Gelato - Grand Marnier

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