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Beautiful Ingredients Make Beautiful Things

We’re excited to announce a partnership that brings our handcrafted, artisanal gelato to Artigiano stores. The partnership sees Artigiano, a leader in the Vancouver coffee scene, selling single cups, pints, and affogatos made with Uno Gelato’s award-winning flavours. Customers have the option to add Baileys to their affogatos for a boozy twist.
“We’re thrilled to partner with Vancouver’s iconic, artisan coffee house,” said Andrés Bermúdez, Executive Gelato Maestro, Uno Gelato. “Beautiful ingredients make beautiful things, and Artigiano’s likeminded care for quality ingredients and sustainable philosophy coming together with ours creates a divine gelato. Crafting two exclusive flavours using their own roasted coffee and chai mix offers all the warm comforts of coffee and tea balanced by the cool and creamy goodness of our gelato, it’s the art of true enjoyment in a cup or pint.”
Uno Gelato’s flavours available at Artigiano include our popular Salted Caramel gelato and Midnight Chocolate sorbetto (vegan), as well as two exclusive Artigiano flavours: Artigiano Chai Latte and Artigiano White Coffee. Artigiano Chai Latte is a rich and aromatic gelato with the spicy notes of a chai latte blended with local cream and organic milk for a unique flavour combination that both soothes and delights. Artigiano White Coffee gelato is infused for 48 hours with Artigiano house blend coffee beans, for a sweet, nutty flavour, with notes of milk chocolate and brown sugar for a treat that is beautiful to behold and taste.
“We’ve been fans of Uno Gelato since they opened their first shop in Vancouver,” said Sarah Brown, Senior VP for Artigiano Brands. “Their attention to detail and commitment to using only the best ingredients aligns perfectly with our own values. We can’t wait for our customers to try their delicious gelato with our locally-roasted coffee.”
Our gelato and sorbetto is available at the following Artigiano locations to start: Edgemont and Burnaby. You can enjoy it in-store or take it to go.

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