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A Devinely Distilled Honey Shine Rum Raisin Gelato

No prohibition here! We are wild for our locally sourced Honey Shine Rum Raisin gelato. This new seasonal flavour is crafted with British Columbian Honey Shine rum-inspired spirits by DEVINE Distillery (wild gathered clover honey from Vancouver Island that is distilled twice). Our maestro has churned in organic raisins, organic milk and cream from Avalon Dairy in the Fraser Valley, and Canadian maple syrup. You’ll take a shine to this rich and indulgent gelato! (NOTE: contains only trace amounts of alcohol.)

A small batch, craft distillery, based on Vancouver Island, DEVINE Distillery handcrafts spirits of the highest quality made solely from British Columbia-grown ingredients. Their award-winning, rum inspired spirit is made with wild honey, (alas sugar cane doesn’t grow here in B.C.), fermented into a dry mead and distilled it twice in the style of a rich, elegant spirit. Crystal clear and full of spice, fruity, and floral notes in the style of a fine Caribbean rum.

Pickup a pint or two of this new “field to flask” Honey Shine Rum Raisin gelato at one of our shops, or order some by November 30th with free delivery in greater Vancouver and we’ll donate to a local charity. For the month of November for all pint orders we are contributing 10% to the Canucks Autism Network! (Use the code CAN2020 when checking out.

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